One of the fun parts of owning a computer is, of course, being able to hook on to the internet. With Internet comes the ability to access useful information in an instant at your fingertips! However, as we all know it is also home to potentially lethal viruses, many of which can wreak havoc on your system within moments.

The following four free software programs, even though free, can definitely help you avoid trouble and protect your computer for internet security threats.

Four security programs you should have installed in your computer are:-

  • Comodo Internet browser
  • Super Antispyware
  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • ZoneAlarm free firewall

Comodo Dragon Browser

comodo dragon browser

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pc securityPC Security blog will provide tips, tricks and software to increase your pc security. Before I embark on including the very best security tools for your pc, I guess it’d be wiser to mention in a little details what PC Security exactly is and why you should care about tightening your computer security on internet.

I am generalising a home computer user who is nor a computer geek neither he has any idea of Firewalls, Security Patches, Critical updates, Data backup tools, Spyware and other technicalities that exist in the world of security. End users are usually unaware of the security threats that exist to their home computer or data.  They are also oblivious to all the different security programs, their proper usage & significance. They generally tend to believe that if they have an antivirus installed, they are secure, its’ like their Antivirus will kick-ass every virus, worm, trojan, rootkit or any other form of malware. The reality is different. Antivirus programs fail, systems crash, people lose data and then end up paying heavily both in terms of time and money.

In an ideal internet world, threats like viruses, worms, trojans, spyware spam, hacking, cracking, intrusions, stealing would not exist. However, internet threats do exist and they pose a serious danger to your pc if you are not security conscious, let alone secure.

There are prying eyes, hackers, crackers who want to keep a watch on you, gain access to your computer even if you think it won’t do them any good. If you are in an illusion that hackers would have no use of your personal information, you are seriously at fault. Keeping a computer insecure over internet is liking inviting troubles. Its’ like going out on a vacation leaving your home unbolted. You can never imagine the number of ways your personal information can be used or misused once your pc security is compromised.

A PC security conscious user would not only have all the necessary security tools installed in her pc but she would also have knowledge of their proper application and pitfalls to avoid while on the internet highway.

In the articles following, I’ll be writing on the very best pc security tools, free pc security software, and easy to implement measures that will not only help protect your pc but will also increase your productivity, save you time, money.